12 times of heartbreak

12 times of heartbreak

broken glasses, nightmares and whores
never ending sexless nights,
a headless eros on the floor.
dummies with false socialites
drinking beer bong with holes.
going through bad hair days and 10 broken nails
just before you senior promenade.
Feeling constipated as if you want to just die after
getting a venomous snake bite on a happy picnic brunch
Chivalry joust, unfortunate to get the lance through your heart
ending not winning the girl and also her heart.
Romeo and Juliet’s untimely death due to a friars stupidity
and having to kill yourself with a knife and feel the pain continuously
I am sorry to say that this is you to me
the sad moments and bad memories
you are my darkest nights and stormy days
you are the accident that let me liveΒ 
only to make me live my life paralyzed and worthless
you to me is hell on earth
I am sorry but you are my downfall, my abyss.
but still i can’t help myself for again I’m falling…


Tootai Buzeta


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