To all the loves that bring us to life…

After the watching the last installment of Harry Potter I went out with a friend and a new acquaintance for coffee and early morning breakfast. Having to meet someone for the first time and just listen to their stories is just one amazing thing. You learn a lot, you see things in a new perspective and somehow fill yourself up with new ideas, having said that, one can guess that it was a night of good talk. Although there were silences still all in all it was a good night or early morning. During our conversation, I told them I was a sucker for drama flicks, I cry over them for a period of time. I end up feeling attached to the characters I watch and empathize with their heartbreaks and pain. They suggested films that I should watch, some with the same theme, some just different. I listed those titles down and as of the moment I am currently making time to watch.


One of the films suggested by my friend was “The Love of Siam”, in my head I was thinking it was an epic film, having “Anna and the King” movie in mind I thought I’d be seeing topless men wearing bloomer like pants or something of the likes. To my surprise there were no topless men in the film or any cute guys over the age of 25. Although the title really made a hint, it was a love story, a love story like no other. I have seen many and heard so many love stories before, some were great, some not so. This story is one of the greats.


 A great love story does not only mean a guy and a girl conquering whatever trials their love goes through and triumphantly overcomes it. All of us know that love is way bigger than that and this movie shows how big love can be. Surprisingly, one has to look and see beyond what the character is showing in order to see the true essence of the film, how they depict love in many ways. From the story of the lead characters to each supporting character’s story, all of it was essential, that is why it was great. Many faces of love was seen, some uplifting, some destructive, some make us happy, and some makes us tear up. In the film one can see the love of  family, the love of friends, the unrequited love, selfish love, unconditional love, loving beyond what our eyes can see and just plain loving because we can and because it is felt.

Just before the credits roll a dedication was on screen, “To all the loves that bring us to life”The words “bring us to life” struck me. It was true. No matter what kind of love we feel, still love can make or break us. Love can bring the worst and the best in us. Love can make us shine or it can darken our souls. It makes us live. It brings us to life. I have always associated life with emotions, the feelings we have in whatever we do. Having a good life for me means having my heart feel all there is to feel. Pain, hurt, happiness, butterflies in my stomach, contentment and whatever else is there.  One must love in order to live, and my heart says it does everyday, knowing this, I know I have lived.


So to all the loves of my life, many thanks.  


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