Never Forget

Earlier this week I read from a friend’s status on Facebook these words Gusto ko din maging importante“, Tagalog words that translates to, “I also want to be important”. Her words made me think real hard. To be honest I am not sure whether she wants to be important, to be seen and noticed by one particular person or was she aiming to be valued by the world? Either way I still felt the need to tell her what I know and feel about the idea of a person’s importance.

download (3)As I see it, there are thousands if not millions of universes. We are in just one and in this one universe we are in, we belong in just one system, together with millions of stars, moons, 8 planets, billions of creatures and people. We are a very small part of all the wonders of the universe and we as individuals are like specks of dust. No matter how big we are or how little, what achievements we get or we don’t have, we are still just minuscule beings in this universe. This idea lingered in my thoughts while I was growing up and having this in my mind constantly, I eventually fell into a somber state, a dark place where I wallowed in the idea of nothingness. During that time I really felt like I was nothing, and what I am and what I do wouldn’t matter, so I said to myself “Why try?” I believed that the chance of changing the world is like lottery that not all could win, that it was an opportunity that only a few people are given. Of course I was wrong.

download (2)I once read a quote by Vincent Van Gogh There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.” Tis’ true, we may have great ideas and intentions, yet this fervor within us, more often than will go unnoticed by the world but that does not mean we should let the fire die out, because the rest of the world may fail to see what we have to offer, but the ones that surrounds us will see all our efforts clearly. It is for them that we keep the fire burning because it is them that will help us connect to the world. All of us are bound to one another in the tapestry of life. Our actions will create a ripple that will change this world, a change we could or couldn’t recognize. The grand scheme of things. A smile we give a friend can affect the whole world. I know it is a bit over the top but who knows how far the ripples go?

Eventually I learned the truth, that I am important and valuable like everyone on this planet. All that I do and say, it is also important. It doesn’t matter if I am just a girl from a third world country, my thoughts and actions are as valuable as Oprah’s or the Dalai Lama’s. The only difference is they had worked extra hard and had the opportunity to make their presence known. I know I can be like them too, but if life does not make it so, my existence will not be mediocre. My contribution to the world will not be less that theirs. It will be as great, wonderful and important as everyone else’s. So we should all let our fire burn, and create ripples. We are changing the world because we are important and we should never, ever forget it.


Thanks Faith, for the inspiration for this blog post.


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